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katherine heigl leaving grey's anatomy,katherine h...

katherine heigl leaving grey's anatomy,katherine h...

Was with the Elite Modelling Agency.
Has two older brothers, Holt and John; and older sister, Meg. Brother Jason died from head injuries suffered in a car accident when she was very young.
Auditioned for all 3 female leads on "Roswell" (1999) before being cast as Isabel.
She is half Irish and half German.
Began dating Joseph Lawrence in 1994. They met at Seventeen Magazine's 50th Anniversary party.
1996: Graduated from New Canaan High School.
Beat out Alicia Silverstone for the lead role in My Father the Hero (1994).
Played the cello in High School.
Ranked #72 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002)
Has the same birthday as her former "Roswell" (1999) co-star Colin Hanks.
Her last name is pronounced "HI guhl."
Has played a character with the name of "Isabel" or "Isobel" three times. "Grey's Anatomy" (2005), "Roswell" (1999) and Wuthering Heights (2003) (TV).
Ranked as #55 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. (2005)
Cut & dyed her hair for season 3 of "Roswell" (1999).
June 2006: Engaged to musician Josh Kelley.
In Judd Apatow's film, The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), the FHM "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement with Katherine on the cover is shown in close-up during a scene on the extended version DVD. Katherine plays the lead in Apatow's follow-up, Knocked Up (2007).
2006: Named #19 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement.
Ranked #14 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
Was writer/director Judd Apatow's first choice for the lead role in Knocked Up (2007).
2005: She was October on FHM magazine's 2005 pin-up calendar.
Plans to marry fiancé Josh Kelley, on December 23, 2007 in Utah where she has a ranch property. There will be a tribute to her late brother, Jason, at the ceremony [July 18, 2007].
Best friend of her "Grey's Anatomy" (2005) co-star T.R. Knight, who was a groomsman at her wedding.
Was named one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 Entertainers Of The Year (2007).
Is related to actress Amber Perkins.
Auditioned for the role of Felicity Porter in the TV series "Felicity" (1998), but lost out to Keri Russell. She also auditioned for the roles of Sydney Bristow and Lauren Reed on "Alias" (2001), but lost out to Jennifer Garner and Melissa George, respectively.
Voted as #1 in 2008's "Top 99 sexiest women in the world" poll. (2008).
Personal Quotes
[on her role in My Father the Hero (1994)] There are still men who come up to me today and say, "You were really hot in that film!" I was 14, for God's sake!
One of the most interesting things about that show ["Roswell" (1999)] for me was that because Isabel was an alien, I got to do many things, so that was creatively satisfying. I think anyone's fear of getting involved in a show that could run for several years is that you'll be playing only one character for that long; that can get stale for an actor, so on "Roswell" I really lucked out.
["Razor" Magazine interview] I'm grateful people think I'm beautiful or think I'm sexy, and I suppose it's better than the alternative, but I do try to fight it a bit so it's not all people see me as. And I'd love to one day be in a position where I could choose a role to showcase my creativity versus just my bra size.
I love changing my look. I would love, love, love to cut all my hair off into a really short, punky haircut.
My own mother told me I didn't have a shot in hell of winning tonight. [While accepting the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens on "Grey's Anatomy" (2005), at The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards (2007) (TV).] [16 September 2007]
[on Knocked Up (2007)] A little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. It exaggerated the characters, and I had a hard time with it, on some days. I'm playing such a bitch; why is she being such a killjoy? Why is this how you're portraying women? Ninety-eight percent of the time it was an amazing experience, but it was hard for me to love the movie.
I'd like to start talking children seriously in the next year [2009], but [my husband] Josh feels more like two years, so we'll probably do a year and a half. I'm excited about having a big family. I'm talking five or six.
(On Hollywood stereotyping) You're the blonde. Or the cheerleader. Or the girlfriend. It would have been really easy to fall back on the blonde and the bra size and just do that for the rest of my career.
My mother says she thinks I wouldn't have appreciated success the same way if it had come faster or more easily. Now it's a much bigger reward.
People who know me well know that I have an opinion about pretty much everything.
If I wasn't in this industry, I wouldn't work out. But I have hips and a butt and everything that goes along with that, including cellulite! So I do the best I can.
I pride myself on being kind. But that's not to say there aren't moments when I'm a diva. Everybody has bad moments.
The Ugly Truth (2009)
27 Dresses (2008)
Where Are They Now
(April 2007) Los Angeles, California

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